Musical Director News

Thank you to all who came to the AGM in October.
The most important piece of information revealed at the AGM was the outcome of our months of searching for a new Musical Director.  Despite 8 notes of interest in the position and time spent interviewing and organising workshops, our search was unsuccessful. However, the good news is that John has decided not to leave us and will carry on indefinitely as our MD!
We are all delighted, and the news was greeted at the AGM with cheers and applause.  So all’s well that ends well!

AGM – October 25 @ 7pm

The AGM of the choir will take place on Thursday 25th October at 7pm  before the usual Thursday rehearsal.

committee members

We need new committee members to take the place of retiring members and to keep the choir running smoothly. Margaret, Morna, Elaine and Claire are all retiring at the AGM.  Most of the committee have been on since the choir started in April 2010 so it is time we had some new blood with new ideas. Please consider coming forward.


We require a Minutes Secretary to take over from Rona who has offered to become Treasurer at the AGM.   Is there someone out there with a bit of experience of this who would be willing to do the job?


I would have liked to take a step back from the chairman’s position too, and am happy to do that if someone comes forward to take over.

I look forward to a flood of emails offering help!!  PLEASE!!