Lauderdale News Article – August 2014

What a year of singing the last twelve months have been! We have woven our musical way from reprising ‘All you need is love’ in Melrose, to carols at Abbotsford and the Christmas Light-up in Lauder, to the Chaplaincy at the BGH and finally returning to Lauder for the extremely successful Spring Concert ‘Singing By Numbers’. The latter event raised £700 to benefit ‘Alzheimer Scotland’.
Although the choir is officially on it’s summer break, some members have taken up the invitation to join the andante Chamber Choir to sing in the premiere performance of ‘Fragments of Gold’ [inspired by the Hawick Fragments Project] in Glasgow Cathedral on the 30th of August.
Currently the choir’s music team are busy putting the final touches to the various programmes for the concerts in 2014/2015. Rehearsals start on 4th September at 7.30pm in the Lauderdale Hotel. New members are made very welcome. There are no auditions. Just come on a rehearsal night and sample the fun of singing.
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Arthur Parsons 08.08.2014

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